New Encounters with an Old Course

Rethinking my Composition Course Approaches for a Highly Diverse Class


  • Yasmin Rioux


Multilingual student writers, Narrative writing, Genres


In this narrative, the author reflects on her experience of teaching a writing course to an extraordinarily diverse group of undergraduate writers. She highlights that the teaching experience allowed the class to negotiate writing practices and culturally-bound assumptions. The teaching of a highly diverse composition class reemphasized how important contextual consideration is, and how past experiences can hinder one’s ability to plan with an open mind.

Author Biography

  • Yasmin Rioux

    Yasmin Rioux, Ph.D. has taught college English, Communication, and ESL for over a decade. She received her Ph.D. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in English Composition and Applied Linguistics in 2017 and has contributed to her fields through several publications and presentations. Her primary research interests are multilingual writers, narrative writing, interdisciplinary work, environmental writing, and Ecocomposition. Yasmin recently relocated to Germany from the USA, and now works fulltime at IU International University of Applied Sciences.

    Aside of engaging in writing for various purposes and contexts, Dr. Rioux is passionate about exploring the outdoors with her family and supporting efforts for a more equal and just society for all.