Constructing Student Learning through Faculty Development: Writing Experts, Writing Centers, and Faculty Resources


  • Courtney L Werner Hope College


faculty development, writing pedagogy, writing center, resource centers, workshops, collaboration


In this piece, writing centers are presented as potential hosts for housing WID faculty development resources and collaborative opportunities (such as workshops and discussions). An example of a hands-on workshop is offered to represent what types of activities centers might host for campuses attempting to craft or maintain sustainable faculty development that enhances writing education across campus.

Author Biography

Courtney L Werner, Hope College

Courtney L. Werner is an Assistant Professor of English at Hope College, where she teaches various writing and literature courses. Her research interests focus on writing center studies, new media in rhetoric and composition, and feminist rhetorics. Most recently, she has contributed articles to Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, The Dangling Modifier, and East Central Writing Centers Association Newsletter. Her blog can be viewed at She can be reached at


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