Bridge over Xenophobia

Using Literary Choices to Encourage Tolerance


  • K. Blaine Wall Pensacola State College


cultural literacy, canon, xenophobia, pedagogy, course design, diversity


Given the political and social fragmentation and incivility that currently exists in America, this paper examines existing scholarship on diversifying the American literary canon in order to increase cultural literacy and to encourage reflective and critical conversations about modern-day issues of social justice. A brief overview of pedagogical theory concerning literary canons is discussed with an emphasis on post-colonial theory. Additionally, literature faculty at Pensacola State College were interviewed regarding the diversity of their assigned American literature readings, and findings are reported. The results will be used to guide a second, student-centered component of the study.

Author Biography

K. Blaine Wall, Pensacola State College

K. Blaine Wall is a professor of English at Pensacola State College in Pensacola, Florida. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in English from William Carey University and a Doctor of Arts degree in English Pedagogy and Technology from Murray State University.