Special Research Column: Empathetic Genres, Empathetic Spaces, and Mentoring: Examining Contemporary Research on First-Generation College Students in First-Year Writing


  • Jessica Jorgenson Borchert Pittsburg State University


First-generation college students, composition, pedagogy


This article focuses on contemporary research on first-generation college students bringing to light pedagogical interventions that can be used in the classroom to help engage and retain these students. The pedagogical interventions focus on reflective and personal writing in the classroom, creating safe spaces, and opening up opportunities for mentorship for first-generation college students. Many interventions exist for retaining first-generation college students at the university level, such as TRIO programs, but examining ways to engage these students in the classroom is also a beneficial practice.

Author Biography

Jessica Jorgenson Borchert, Pittsburg State University

Assistant Professor of English Department of English and Modern Languages